Jul 7 – 8, 2022
Hybrid format: Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics & Virtual (online)
Europe/Berlin timezone
What eye movements, pupil dilation, and blinking activity tell us about musical processing

Access to the Virtual Conference

Livestream on zoom

During the conference, all talks and poster blitz videos will be live-streamed on Zoom.:

Join using this link!

Meeting ID: 869 7242 1966   Passcode: 558858

However, because the zoom chat disappears and is not an ideal platform for social interaction, nor for multiple simultaneous video chats, we will also be using Discord (please read more details below). 

Interactivity on Discord

All conference events (talks & posters) have their own Discord channel. We encourage attendees to ask questions in the corresponding channel for each presentation and to continue the conversation asynchronously (e.g., after the presentation has ended, and with those in other time zones that might not be awake at the time of live stream). 

Each poster also has a live video call channel. During poster sessions, presenters should be in their channel and attendees can jump between channels to visit different virtual posters. 

Discord also allows for live audiovisual meetings or chats during coffee breaks.

Download Discord and join our conference server

Please note that discord is best navigated with the mobile or desktop app. 
Download the discord application from: https://discord.com/download

Use this link to join the “Music and eye-tracking conference 2022” server https://discord.gg/Fd2y9M2X7M
Alternatively, click on the “+” sign in left panel, select “Join a Server” and paste the invite link above to join the conference server.

To use discord in browser, use the invite link: https://discord.gg/
Select “Continue in browser” when prompted and sign in or register with an email or phone number.

Interact with virtual and in-person attendees

When you’re inside the server, feel free to introduce yourself in the #🤗introductions channel, take a look at the Talks and Posters or hang around in the Social channels!

To facilitate connecting with other attendees on Discord we encourage you to set your display picture and use the name under which your submission has been published so that attendees with questions can find you easily.

🗣Talks - Each talk has a dedicated text channel with the abstract, title, links and other relevant info. Feel free to start discussions or raise questions during the talk using the respective discord channel which will be monitored by the session chairs.

📰Posters - Poster sessions will be conducted through Discord video rooms. During the poster sessions, please find the appropriate poster channel on discord and join the video chat to participate. Use the corresponding text channel for discussions and posting questions.

During the conference, a live interview will be conducted with in-person poster presenters. Navigate to “🎤Poster-Interview” and join the video channel to catch the live stream. Use the text channel #poster-interview to ask questions.

You can get help at the “#🙋helpdesk” channel. You’re always welcome to find and message the conference organizers as well.